Welcome Message

Dear Colleague,

We would like to welcome you to the Eighteenth Winter Meeng of Ranawat Orthopaedic Conference (ROC) “Advances & Techniques in Joint Replacement Surgery & Arthroscopy” which will be held at Grand Hya, Mumbai from Thursday, 9th January to Saturday, 11th January 2020.

Joint Replacement Surgery has made an impact as the single most significant advance in improvement of the quality of life of arthris paents worldwide. This field is evolving very rapidly and with the increase in longevity that is being witnessed by the world, it is becoming more relevant to mankind every year.

The Ranawat Orthopaedic Conference will focus on all advancements in Joint Replacement & Arthroscopy. In addion, we are planning a very special program which will debate all the recent developments including robocs, computerized navigaon, cementless total knee replacement, unicondylar knee replacement amongst others.

For the first me, we are introducing Pre Course on Basics of TKR which will cover all topics which an Arthoplasty surgeon should know for ensuring a successful outcome of TKR.

We are confident that this meeng will not only provide the best of academics, but also provide the opportunity of socializing & networking with your colleagues. We cordially invite you to aend this meeng. Please register immediately.


Dr. C. S. Ranawat

Dr. Amar S. Ranawat

Dr. Anil S. Ranawat

Dr. Parag Sancheti